Can you expect Cortana to flourish after integrating with Xbox One?

With the integration of Cortana with Xbox One, a big question has come up in the mind of the users. People are curious to know if this integration is going to flourish in any way or not. There is one more update in Xbox One that you can expect to be launched very soon and that would be seen in home console OS.

The layout of Xbox One has been updated with minute yet significant features for Home Startup menu, navigation speed system which would probably result in diminishing the annoying background chaos. The first integration between Cortana and Alexa which took place in 2018 and now the people are focusing more on third-party speakers, apps, and other endpoints.

Cortana’s Xbox recedes while Alexa gets one step ahead

There were many difficulties which Microsoft went through in respect to Xbox One voice commands. The voice commands initially shipped alongside the Kinect sensor which was once-bundled. Microsoft decided to make the locally-processed inputs easy for the users so that it would give them some scope for using Cortana voice assistant in a better way. Unfortunately, the changes resulted in nothing but displayed more shortcomings such as slow and inaccurate server response.

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Although Microsoft made many amendments for the improved functionality of Cortana, it gave the worst results and shows no progress which is not the case with Google and Amazon. There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to integrate Amazon and Alexa. This integration would bring a new wave in the market of smart speakers. Even before its launch in the market, it has proved to be snappier and capable than any other smart speaker such as Halo-inspired assistant. Xbox Alexa Skill is all set to provide the best voice control options across other Xbox components.

The current position of Cortana-Xbox One integration

When Microsoft decides to re-consider this integration, the only question comes to people’s mind is what will be the future of this companionship. Being aware of the fact that Cortana is unable to make the pace in the world of smart speakers, Microsoft has remained consistent in increasing its pace.

In an interview with the Windows Central which took place at Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference, the Corporate Vice President of Cortana Engineering said that “Cortana is not dead” and “Fundamentally it is a foundational horizontal piece … like Microsoft Account, Microsoft Store, and Microsoft Search.”

The long-term dominator of the consumer space, Microsoft is now lagging behind from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Regardless of all its limitations, Cortana is still having a special place among the users and in the market of voice assistants.

The competitors of Cortana have been striving for improving the natural language technology and Microsoft is also doing the same and has been lately investing in the Cortana advancements. Cortana never aimed at entertaining people and would be doing so in the future. On the other hand, Amazon Alexa focused on the same. No matter what the current state of Cortana is, it still is the choice of a large number of people.

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